Code Enforcement


The Township will issue a Notice of Violation if your property conflicts with our property maintenance or zoning ordinance.

Common issues include:

Abandoned/Unsecured buildings
Burning/Outdoor fires
Dumpsters on public streets (unpermitted)
Excavating streets or Right-of-Ways
Fences/Sheds (unpermitted)
Intersection sight distance problems
Junk vehicles
Signs on property (temporary/permanent)
Storage of refuse/junk
Street obstructions
Swimming pools (no fence / unpermitted)
Tree/Vegetation overgrowth
Weeds/High grass-Cannot exceed 10″ in height.
Yard Waste dumping
Shrubbery near the road shall not exceed 30″ in height prohibiting site distance for motorists
Blowing or mowing grass into the street

Nuisance ordinance #315

When in doubt about any property maintenance issues, please give the Township office a call at 717-273-9200.

North Cornwall Township will investigate and work to resolve property maintenance complaints.

Complaints must come to the Township office and must be in writing. You can email them to the Public Safety Officer Joshua Shank ( or drop them off in the Township office Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm or mail them to the Township office at 330 South 18th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042. Please use our Citizens Complaint Form.

Be specific with the information regarding your complaint. Include the address where the violation is occurring, the specific type of violation and where it is located on the property. If possible, send photos.

After submission, Township personnel will confirm your complaint and, if needed, place a courtesy door hanger notice on the property with timelines for compliance. If these timelines are not met, an official Notice of Violation will be prepared and sent to the property owner.

Notice of Violation Door Hanger (pdf)

Legal and Illegal Roadside Signs

Signs, Signs … Everywhere a Sign!

Examples of illegal signs:

illegal roadside sign illegal roadside sign

illegal roadside sign

illegal roadside signillegal roadside sign

Political signs are allowable, but they MUST be removed 48 hours after an election!

legal political sign remove 48 hours

Real estate signs are allowable, unless they interfere with sight distance. If this occurs, either North Cornwall Township or the owner will remove these signs.

legal real estate sign


BEFORE YOU BUY and Install an Above-ground Swimming Pool – Contact the Township about Pool Zoning and Installation Regulations.

Are there Township Zoning Regulations on Swimming Pools? …… YES! Township Zoning Ordinance #295, Section 319 lists zoning regulations for permanent and temporary swimming pools.

Do I need a Township Permit to Install a Swimming Pool? ….. YES! Permanent and Temporary swimming pools require a Township Building Permit or Temporary Pool Permit.

Do retail store purchased Swimming Pools require a Township Permit? …YES! These type of above-ground pools are classified as Temporary Pools and the Pool Owners must submit an Annual Township Temporary Pool Permit to install a temporary pool.

Can I keep a Temporary Pool up year-round? ……NO! Temporary swimming pools must be installed no sooner than May 15th of each year and removed entirely by September 15th of the same year.

Do I need to have my pool inspected? ….. YES! Required Zoning placement and yard setbacks will be inspected. All permanent pools and temporary pools with electrical filtration pumps must be inspected under current UCC regulations by an appointed Building Inspector.


DO NOT DISCHARGE ANY POOL WATER INTO THE STREETS, STORM DRAINS, ON YOUR DRIVEWAY, OR ONTO ADJOINING PROPERTIES. Pool Water MUST be dechlorinated! Drain dechlorinated pool water onto pervious stone, mulch or grass areas, slowly using care not to cause soil erosion or drainage onto neighboring properties. The best option for safe pool draining is to contact a pool water removal service .

Code Requirements for Residential Swimming Pools (51KB pdf)

Zoning Information for Residential Swimming Pools (45KB pdf)