Agricultural Security Program

This program was developed in conjunction with the state development of the act cited as the “Agricultural Area Security Law: of 1981, June 30, P.L. 128, No. 43, § 1. The concepts of this program was incorporated into the approved Comprehensive Plan for the Township that outlines “smart” development and land use for future expansion and growth.

The AG Security currently affords landowners who have ten-acre parcels or greater a vehicle to make application to have their land incorporated into the AG Security District. There are several facets to this process. A detailed letter requesting application must be provided to the township. The letter is to include the pertinent information such as the tax and parcel number for the property, the deeded owner(s), the number of acres to be included as well as a plat of the land are to be included. The application is then reviewed by the AG Security Board who then makes a recommendation whether or not it is to be included in the AG Security District. A Resolution is created by the Township listing all of the pertinent information and presented to the Board of Supervisors for consideration and approval. Owners should be aware that this application restricts the development rights for the current property owner. This process is also the first step to being eligible to apply at the County level in their AG Preservation Program. When the County of the AG Preservation Program accepts land, then the land cannot be developed for a minimum of 25 years. On the other hand land belonging to the AG Security District, on the Township level, can be withdrawn by submitting a certified letter with the request if the property owner. This change only can be accomplished on the seven year reviewing time line. The AG Security District is a worthwhile avenue toward the preservation of farmland in the Township although it is not a guarantee. Although we encourage participation there are no legislative regulations that can force a property owner to keep their farmland if the property owner wishes to sell the land for development. We can only hope that past history of farmland within the Township continues to pass on from one generation to another protecting a very rich commodity.