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Feb. 19, 2021
North Cornwall Township Press Release: 2/19/21

North Cornwall Township was made aware that, earlier this morning, a member of its police force was arrested by the FBI on charges stemming from the January 06, 2021 incident that occurred at the US Capital Building. No Township official had any knowledge of this individual's actions prior to his arrest.

The Township recognizes every citizen's right to free speech, however, each citizen must also be accountable for his or her actions. Accordingly, as required by the Pennsylvania Confidence in Law Enforcement Act, the police officer was immediately suspended without pay pending the disposition of these charges.

While every citizen accused of a crime must be presumed innocent until proven guilty, the Township, its elected officials, its police officers and its employees wish to make clear that the United States is a government of laws which we are sworn to uphold. Neither the Township nor any officer or employee endorses, accepts or condones any alleged participation in a crime against the United States nor any act committed by an individual who may have illegally breached the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.


North Cornwall Township Board of Supervisors
320 S. 18th Street
Lebanon, PA 17042