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Traffic Enforcement

The officers of the North Cornwall Township Police Department pride themselves on effectively and efficiently enforcing the traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Each officer routinely engages in traffic enforcement and education as a part of their daily activities.

Traffic enforcement and education are very valuable facets of the overall safety of the Township.  It is hoped that between special traffic enforcement details, routine traffic law enforcement, and public education, we can achieve a safer community for motorists using the roadways within the Township, as well as the general travelling public.

In addition to regular traffic enforcement, the North Cornwall Township Police Department utilizes trained and skilled officers to perform other traffic related tasks.


Accident Reconstruction

The North Cornwall Township Police Department is proud
and fortunate to have two highly trained Accident
Reconstructionists, Patrolman Harry Ward and Patrolman
Bradley Hain.  Both officers have successfully completed
several hundred hours of instruction and practical
demonstrations to achieve the qualifications as
Pennsylvania Accident Reconstructionists.

Patrolman Ward and Patrolman Hain utilize their skills
and expertise to investigate fatal accidents or other
serious motor vehicle collisions.  Having highly qualified
Reconstructionists on staff greatly reduces the North
Cornwall Township Police Department's reliance on other
agencies to provide these highly technical services to the


DUI Enforcement

In 2008, the North Cornwall Township Police Department
started a special in-house Roving DUI program to
aggressively target impaired drivers.

The Commonwealth's Driving Under the Influence of
Alcohol or Controlled Substance laws are a vital part of
the overall traffic safety vision.  Over 75% of motor
vehicle crashes after 6:00PM are alcohol related, and
several thousand people are killed yearly as a result of
impaired-driver related crashes.  It is for this reason that
the North Cornwall Township Police Department runs an
aggressive in-house Roving DUI enforcement program.
Officers participating in the program utilize magnetic
decals on their patrol vehicles indicating "Roving DUI
Patrol."  The Roving DUI enforcement details are
conducted at peak impairment hours for greater


ENRADD Speed Details

ENRADD UnitENRADD (Electronic Non Radar Device) uses wireless
infrared technology to record and transmit the speed
of a motor vehicle directly into an ENRADD monitor,
which is located in a police car.

"There are two small wireless roadway sensor bars
and one receiver/monitor," the YIS website
explains.  "Both sensor bars sit on opposite
shoulders of the roadway directly across from one
another.  The sensors are lined up across from
one another and transmit/receive two invisible
infrared beams of light."

"When a motor vehicle traverses these invisible
beams of light, the ENRADD device immediately
calculates the elapsed time that it took the motor
vehicle to pass through the invisible beams of
light and instantaneously transmits the speed of
the vehicle directly to the ENRADD monitor."




Force Multiplier Sign CampaignTraffic Enforcement Sign

Since traffic enforcement is a top rated concern,
the North Cornwall Township Police Department
utilizes a unique program that encourages
compliance with traffic laws and acts a "force
multiplier" by increasing police presence in the
area of enforcement.  The "TRAFFIC
ENFORCEMENT HERE" signs are placed
throughout the community advising residents
of future enforcement and serving as a visual
reminder of this citizen concern.

Although many times the signs will indicate
enforcement will come to that location on a
future date, sometimes the signs will indicate
"TODAY," so that violators will not ignore this
important message.  This program was
originally inspired by the Ephrata Police
Department and is successfully used
throughout the nation.