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Recycling: Woody & Green Waste Materials Collection

During the first full week of April, the Highway Department collects woody and green yard waste materials. Minimal amounts of leaves that may have gathered under bushes or in flower beds over the winter months may be placed commingled with your yard waste.  REMEMBER: this spring collection is not intended for an entire fall season's amount of leaves.  All residents must utilize the fall leaf collection for the disposal of leaves.  (See Recycling department for more details and regulations.)


Street Sweeping

Once a year, street sweeping is scheduled for the second and third full week of April. In addition, to satisfy Stormwater Managment mandates, the Township conducts street sweeping throughout the Township from May through October.  Please check your Township calendar for dates and areas affected.  Some streets are posted with No Parking Signs. On those scheduled days, please move your vehicle off the street. We ask residents on non-posted side streets and in developments to keep cars parked off the street. Once your street is clean, you may return to your normal parking area.