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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact about my employee Local Services Tax?

As of January 2009, North Cornwall Township has assigned that collection duty to Keystone Municipal Collections. They have a local office at the Lebanon County Court House, Room 113, 400 South 8th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042 or you can call them at: (717) 272-3770.


I have been informed that I need to recycle. Who do I contact?

North Cornwall Township has a recycling coordinator on staff. If you are a new business or an existing business in need of recycling information, please contact Jean Long at (717) 273-9200, ext. 302.


I have a restaurant and was wondering about any requirements for my grease trap?

The North Cornwall Township Authority has recently updated their Act 537 plan as required by the State's Department of Environmental Protection. A copy of the Ordinance is available at the Township Office. If you have specific questions please contact our Director of Public Works or Code Enforcement Officer for assistance.


I noticed that the traffic signal near our business is not functioning properly. Who do I contact?

In these cases please contact our Police Department at 717-274-0464. When contacting the Police, please make sure you provide the details of the malfunction.


My business is located along Route 72 (or Route 422) and there is a large pot-hole at my driveway. Who do I report this complaint to?

North Cornwall Township has several State owned highways. They include, Route 72, Route 422, Colebrook Road and Cornwall Road. When there are problems along these roads, please contact the local PennDOT office at 717-272-6657.