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General Information

The Highway Department Maintenance Garage is located at 320 South 18th Street, Lebanon, PA across from the North Cornwall Township administrative offices and Police department. As part of the Public Works Department, the Highway department staff is responsible for the maintenance of Township roads, facilities, parks and recreation fields, and recycling collection services.

Utilities & Street Lights

Water, electric, gas, phone, and cable utilities are owned and maintained by those individual companies, with the exception of the sanitary sewer main line system, which is Township owned. The Township utilizes the City of Lebanon Authority, located on Ridgeview Road (off of West Chestnut Street), as its wastewater treatment plant facility. Most of the Township's street lights are owned by Met-Ed, but there are some street lights in developments that are owned by the Township. Any street light outage or other problems can be reported to the Township's Public Works Director. The Township will submit a work order to Met-Ed for light bulb or photocell replacement, which is Met-Ed's responsibility to repair. When calling in a street light problem, please give the nearest address to the pole location and the type of problem (light out or goes on & off). Normally, repairs are made within a week. Occasionally, there may be a more severe internal problem with the street light, which may take longer to repair.

PennDot State Roads

The State owns 8.83 miles and four bridges and is responsible for the maintenance of all the following PennDot roads within the Township: Cumberland Street (RT. 422), Colebrook Road (Rt. 241), Cornwall Road, Mill Street (Rt. 422 to Walnut Mill St.), and 22nd Street (Rt. 422 to Chestnut St.). If there is a concern or problem on one of these State Roads, contact the local PennDot Garage at 272-6657.

Highway Department Employees

The three full time employees are: Rich Royer, Highway Foreman - Ben Fair, Highway employee - Roy Oxenreider, Highway employee.  Please contact the Township office at 273-9200 with any questions, concerns, or problems regarding Township's roads.