Public Notice

Public Notice of Act 537, Component 3, Sewage Facilities Planning Module Special Study Updated Flow Values.


The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Rules and Regulations require notice be given so the public may provide comments regarding the proposed upgrades of North Cornwall Township’s Dairy Road Pump Station (DRPS) beginning in the next year. The physical address of the DRPS is 160 Dairy Road, Lebanon, PA.

The DRPS receives wastewater flows from North Cornwall Township (NCT), Cornwall Borough, West Cornwall Township, and Cleona Borough and pumps the wastewater approximately 2,100 feet to the City of Lebanon Authority (CoLA) Waste Water Treatment Facility. The DRPS was originally designed and built in 1972, the capacity was increased in 2003. A new 18-inch force main to CoLA, shared with Cleona Borough, was installed in 2008.  The Pump Station parcel is approximately 120-feet by 110-feet in size (0.30 acres) and is bounded by Dairy Road on the west and the Quittapahilla Creek on the south. The Pump Station parcel is entirely located within the 100-year flood plain for the Quittapahilla Creek. The DRPS conveys waste water with domestic, commercial, and industrial (Swiss Premium Dairy) strength characteristics.  The current capacity of the Pump Station is 2,800 gallons per minute (gpm) or approximately 4.0 million gallons per day (mgd). Based on evaluation of the current and future peak flows, it was determined, using population projections, that the capacity of the DRPS needs to be increased to approximately 7.420 mgd, or 5,153 gpm. This value has been increased from 7.0 mgd (4,860 gpm) as reported in the initial (2020) Special Study approved by the DEP.

A 30-day comment period from April 20th, 2023 to May 20th, 2023 has been established for the public to comment on the Special Study in accordance with applicable laws and acts. The Sewage Facilities Planning Module documents can be viewed at the North Cornwall Township offices at 320 South 18th Street, Lebanon, PA, 17042-5753 by appointment only (717-273-9200), or can be emailed by request by calling Robert Shaffer of ACT ONE & Associates at 717-236-7500, extension 111. Please submit any comments within the 30-day comment period to North Cornwall Township, Attn: Justin Thompson, Public Works Assistant, at the address above.