Antimicrobial-Fogging Unit Sterilization

Yard Waste Pick-Ups begin in the Township on October 2nd and will conclude October 5th.

Please check the Township Calendar for your street’s day of pick-up and for more specific information.

We cannot accept the following items: poisonous plants, grass, ornamental grasses, edging, thatch, sod, leaves, stumps, logs, nuts/fruits/vegetables from trees or plants, large amounts of dirt on roots, garden stakes, animal excrement, or other foreign materials.

We can accept: garden/flower material, hedge clippings, tree branches (up to 5″ diameter and 8′ length), roots free of dirt, and cut hedges/bushes with woody stems.

To prevent damage to our equipment, regulations must be followed, otherwise materials will not be collected. Items must be out by 7 am the day of pick-up.