Prequalification applications will be received by North Cornwall Township, Lebanon County, for the Quittapahilla Creek Floodplain Restoration (SQ1) project until 10:00 a.m. prevailing time on Friday, June 10, 2022.

The objective of the prequalification application process is to identify general contractors who are qualified to provide the goods and services necessary to successfully construct the Quittapahilla Creek Floodplain Restoration (SQ1) project.  General contractors with experience in constructing stream and/or floodplain restoration projects are invited to complete a Prequalification Application for consideration by the Township.  General contractors must be prequalified in order to submit a bid for the Quittapahilla Creek Floodplain Restoration (SQ1) Project.

Completion of a Prequalification Application will not result in contract award.  Instead, the prequalification process will establish a registry of general contractors who will be eligible to submit bids on a future solicitation for the Quittapahilla Creek Floodplain Restoration (SQ1) project.

Applicants will receive written notice of prequalification status by Monday, July 11, 2022, and a registry of prequalified general contractors will be posted on the same day on the Township’s website at

The SQ1 project is located along the Quittapahilla Creek in North Cornwall Township, Lebanon County, PA.  The proposed floodplain restoration begins at the end of an existing concrete flood control channel, approximately 1,600 linear feet downstream of the South 16th Street bridge.  The downstream limits of the project coincide with the South 22nd Street bridge.  The purpose of the project is to remove legacy sediment and restore the floodplain to conditions that resemble pre-settlement conditions.  The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, streambank and floodplain grading and stabilization, endwall installation, stilling basin construction and trimming of existing CMP, debris jam removal, landscaping, erosion and sediment pollution control measures including temporary stream crossing, and other associated work.; as more fully described in the Contract Documents.

The Prequalification Application, and associated instructions, are provided in the links below.

North Cornwall Township reserves the unqualified right to reject any non-responsive and/or non-conforming prequalification applications and to waive informalities.

North Cornwall Township

Justin Thompson, Public Works Director

Quittapahilla Plan Set

Prequalification Application