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North Cornwall Township, Lebanon County, PA, is accepting applications for the position of a full time Police Officer.

The successful applicant must possess and maintain valid certification as a police officer under Pennsylvania Act 120 and possess and maintain a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license. Salary will be based on experience and qualifications, will include benefits healthcare medical, dental, and vision benefits, paid time off, retirement pension, paid holidays, sick time, as well as other benefits.

All applicants must complete an application for employment and submit a detailed resume of training and experience. Successful candidates will be required to pass physical and mental examinations as required by the Pennsylvania Act 120, and interviews, criminal history, driver license history and credit history background investigations as well as drug and alcohol testing as required by North Cornwall Township employee’s handbook. Applications for employment may be obtained on-line at www.nctown.org. or at North Cornwall Township Municipal Office, 320 S 18th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042, weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.


This is general duty police work involving the protection of life and property.

The employee enforces the law and monitors order in the township through patrol of the area and response to specific requirements relayed by radio dispatch. Work is performed in accordance with professional standards and specific departmental policies and procedures but still requires considerable judgment due to the potential personal damages and hazards to the public, which may be encountered. Work is performed independently after a formal training and orientation program and requires courteous and tactful treatment of people under stress, and the exercise of control and authority over persons whose reactions may not be easily predictable. The Police Chief or Lieutenant reviews work through periodic observation and review of reports.


• Patrols an assigned sector of the township in a patrol car; receives special assignments and reports activities by two way radio; enforces motor vehicle and criminal laws; ordinances; renders assistance to the public; corrects or reports hazardous situations.

• Examines buildings to detect illegal entry or other suspicious conditions.

• Directs traffic and issues citations to violators.

• Investigates citizen complaints of illegal activity and takes corrective actions, which may include arrest of violators.

• Testifies in court regarding the facts of incidents and investigations.

• Prepares and presents written and oral reports of activities; incidents, and investigations.

• Collects and preserves evidence of illegal activities; presents and explains evidence in court.

• Locates and questions witnesses to accidents, crimes, etc. and arranges for their appearance in court.

• Transports prisoners as required.

• Speaks to schools, citizen groups, or social organizations on various aspects of police work.

• Provides advice to citizens on laws and ordinances affecting them.

• Attends fires, accidents, and public gatherings, to maintain order, control crowds and traffic, and assist emergency crews.

• Participates in self-study or on-the-job training to develop and maintain a knowledge of specialized aspects of police work such as juvenile work, crime prevention, weapons, narcotics, etc.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Must have the ability to react quickly and calmly in emergency situations, and to choose the proper course of action.

• Must have the ability to act firmly, tactfully, and courteously in the enforcement of laws.

• Must have the ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions.

• Must have the ability to observe and accurately recall details of appearance, actions, statements, and other occurrences.

• Must have the ability to take clear and accurate notes of investigations.

• Must have the ability to speak and write clearly and effectively.

• Must have the ability to learn and properly apply laws, policies, and procedures.

• Must have the ability to learn the proper use of firearms.

• Must have the ability to operate a motor vehicle.

• Must have sufficient health, strength, physical ability to deal with emergency situations which may require pursuit and physical control of other persons.

Minimum Experience and Training

Education equivalent to graduation from high school AND Current Act 120 Training AND Possess a valid Pennsylvania motor vehicle operator’s license.

Required Transcripts/Documentation that Must Accompany Submitted Applications

  1. Copy of applicant’s high school diploma or GED
  2. Act 120 certification/diploma and final transcripts/grade reports
  3. Photocopy of PA drivers license
  4. Sealed college transcripts (if applicable)
  5. Photocopies of current military identification and /or discharge paperwork (if applicable)


  1. Running for several hundred yards.
  2. Climbing over obstacles
  3. Crawling
  4. Pushing motor vehicles
  5. Pulling or carrying accident, fire or crime victims
  6. Using physical force to apprehend and subdue arrestees
  7. Withstanding prolonged exposure, as long as eight hours, to extreme weather conditions
  8. Withstanding prolonged periods of standing and sitting
  9. Withstanding frequent exposure to stress-producing situations such as encountering persons injured or killed by accidents, crimes or suicide
  10. Dealing with domestic disputes
  11. Dealing with verbal and physical abuse of the officer, including taunts, insults, and threats to the officer, family member, or fellow officers
  12. Communicating effectively with individuals suffering from trauma
  13. Operating a motor vehicle for long periods of time
  14. Using a firearm effectively
  15. Filling out written reports in a clear, correct, and concise manner.

Completed applications, resumes and other pertinent information should be mailed to:

North Cornwall Township
320 South 18th Street
Lebanon, PA 17042
Attn: Police Officer Position

Access the North Cornwall Township fillable form employment application here.