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Mar. 01, 2017
Tax Collection Information

The Township taxes are now administered by the County of Lebanon Treasurer's Office, who distributes and collects Township Municipal and Lebanon County property taxes. This tax is mailed and should arrive by early March each year. It is based on the valuation of the assessed land and whatever is built upon that land. The March combined bill will include both the local Township Municipal and Lebanon County taxes.

The Township's current tax ratio is 1.300 mils for general purposes and 0.200 mils for Fire Protection Fund, for a local municipal 1.500 mils tax rate total. To calculate your taxes, take the assessed valuation and multiply it by the millage base. An example would be $100,000 as your assessed valuation X 0.0015 = $150 annual local municipal property tax due.

For questions on local and county taxes, please contact the Lebanon County Treasurer's Office at 717-228-4420.