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Apr. 14, 2015
Fire Protection Tax

The Fire Protection tax is something that has always been incorporated into the Township tax.  In previous years, it was never separated out on the tax bills.  However this year, in an effort to be more transparent, the Township Supervisors wanted the Fire Protection tax listed as a separate line on the tax bills, so that our residents can see where their taxes are going and how much they are paying toward that service.  This was modeled after other adjacent Townships' tax breakdowns (North Lebanon and South Lebanon), which have shown the separation for years.

Fire Protection service encompasses many things related to emergency situations, namely: fire hydrants, insurances, supplies for the Neversink Fire Company, monetary support of the Neversink Fire Company, as well as other emergency agencies.

Even though the printing company did not print the mils for Fire Protection on the tax bill, residents contribute 0.20 mils toward this service.