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Code Enforcement

North Cornwall issues all building and zoning permits for home projects and developments within the Township.  Any projects that include changing interior walls, plumbing and electrical upgrades, would require UCC permits and inspection.  In addition, we enforce all codes that have been officially adopted by the Board of Supervisors.


Legal and Illegal Roadside Signs
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Since the inception of the state wide uniform construction code, we have two well qualified companies retained for all required inspections.  When applying for any building, sign, demolition or other type of permit that requires inspections, applicants must choose either Associated Building Inspections (ABI) or Commonwealth Code Inspection Services (CCIS).  Please visit their websites for additional information:

ABI:  www.weknowcodes.com CCIS:  www.codeservices.net


PA Uniform Construction Code (UCC)

For more information on the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry's website: www.dli.state.pa.us  and select "Building Codes" from the Quick Links section on the right margin. 

UCC 2-1 Form (UCC Plan Review Check List) 475KB pdf

UCC 3-1 Form (UCC Application for Commercial Building Permit) 384KB pdf

UCC 6 Form (UCC Special Inspections and Observations Statement) 243KB pdf


UCC Appeal Application (96KB pdf)



Demolition projects require a Township issued permit.  Please CLICK HERE for a complete packet.
NOTE: All refuse must be taken to the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority.  A pre-demolition meeting shall take place with Township officials and the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority prior to demolition. 


Applications/Permits (click for list)


Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (Act 132)

FOR YOUR PROTECTION: have any contractor working on a home improvement project provide their state license number to you as proof that they have registered with the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General, as per the requirements of Act 132.  All contractors MUST carry their registered license with them.

On July 1, 2009, Act 132 of the State of Pennsylvania took effect, which requires all contractors to register with the Office of the Attorney General prior to contracting their services for home improvement projects.  Act 132 offers protection to consumers, requires contracts between consumers and contractors, and provides for civil and criminal penalties for violations of Act 132 and fraud.

CLICK HERE for a news article regarding this topic.

For more information on this law or to find out how to become registered, click here for the Office of Attorney General's website.


Documents and Examples for Reference and Information

Construction of Roadside Pillars (37KB pdf)

Requirements for Tents/Membrane Structures (37KB pdf)

Code Requirements for Residential Swimming Pools (51KB pdf)

Zoning Information for Residential Swimming Pools (45KB pdf)