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Street Sweeping to Begin this Week

North Cornwall has scheduled street sweeping of the Township roadways to begin Monday, April 16, 2018.  This operation takes one to two weeks to complete, depending on weather conditions. The length of time and order to clean streets will vary, so we are scheduling two days per week for each section. 

If you live between 16th & 22nd Streets and/or Chestnut & Penn Streets, STAY TUNED for specific information on your scheduled day and when NOT TO PARK on the street.

Cleona Areas, Millbridge, Country Club, Runnymede, Shadow Creek, Ranch Avenue Areas and all other Township areas:  USE OFF STREET PARKING DURING THESE TWO WEEKS UNTIL YOUR STREET IS CLEANED!  Once your street is cleaned, you may go back to parking on the street.

Due to weather, length of time in any one area and/or equipment breakdowns, it is difficult to schedule dates in these specific areas.